SmoothBag™ Brilliant LED light - Illuminating light effect for lounging in your SmoothBag after dark

$19.99 USD

$29.99 USD

Upgrade Your SmoothBag™ with the SmoothBag™ Light Kit

This upgrade light-kit consists of a strong and eco-friendly LED Light that can be inserted into the centre part of your SmoothBag™. It's an amazing way to illuminate your SmoothBag™ for an unbeatably cool effect when lounging while it's dark out.

This is of course also the perfect add-on for party's!

  • Several different functions, stroboscope effect and much more
  • 2.5 Watts
  • Integrated High Power Lithium Battery
  • Including USB Power Cable
  • Weight: 5 Oz
  • Works great with all colours SmoothBag

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