SmoothBag For Business

SmoothBag™ has several great opportunities for your business:


1. Wholesale | We offer very appealing margin opportunities with an MOQ starting at 20 units and provide fast shipping to your store or warehouse.

2. For Offices | Many office spaces (including some very large internet companies) have added SmoothBag™ to their interior design. Starting at quantities of 5 we can supply your office with SmoothBags at a business discount. Starting at quantities of 200 we are able to fully customize our products for you including your own logo. 

3. For Promotional Purposes | Starting at quantities of 200 we can fully customize our SmoothBags for you for your events or promotions at very attractive pricepoints. We also offer discounted rates for SmoothBags at quantities below 200 so you can buy any sort of quantity that makes sense for you.




    For all business inquiries please contact: