SmoothBag Customization

SmoothBag™ offers great customization options for your business, special event, office and many other scenarios. Minium Order Quantities for customized logo's and colours start at 100 units

1SmoothBag Customization | SmoothBag has produced a huge amount of customized orders for any size company; from marketing agencies to Fortune 500 companies. Starting at quantities of 100 we can fully customize our SmoothBags for you at very attractive pricepoints.

2. For Offices | Many office spaces (including some very large internet companies) have added SmoothBag™ to their interior design. Starting at quantities of 20 we can supply your office with SmoothBags at a business discount. Starting at quantities of 100 we are able to fully customize our products for you including your own logo. 


For all business inquiries please contact: or call +1 514 655 7348