How It Works

No external pump is needed!

Step 1:  Unroll your SmoothBag™ and grab the opening ends to open the bag up

Step 2:  Now consecutively open 1 of the 2 air compartments, sway the air compartment around a few times to fill it with air. Then close the one compartment and repeat this for the 2nd compartment until sufficiently filled

Step 3:  Now close the black closure strip and roll it up about 1 meter/yard until the SmoothBag™ is sufficiently filled with air

Step 4: Click the closure clips into each other and enjoy your SmoothBag™!


How To Setup a SmoothBag Sofa



How To Setup a SmoothBag Sofa with Headrest




How To Setup a SmoothBag Chair Lounger



Deflating Your SmoothBag™

  1. After using your SmoothBag you simply unlock the closure clips and allow the air to escape,your Smoothbag will instantly deflate
  2. Now roll up the Smoothbag. Once rolled, fold it and click the closure clips together again. 
  3. It's now a breeze to fit it back into your handy carry bag, and be on the move


Now go and enjoy your SmoothBag wherever you go:)