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Buy SmoothBag - Portable Inflatable Lounging Sofas - No Pump Needed For Setup

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About The SmoothBag™


A brilliant inflatable lounging sofa that is easily setup within 10 seconds without needing a pump. The perfect companion for the park, your balcony, the beach, camping, your backyard, the pool, anywhere really! 

  • Extremely lightweight, weighs less than a laptop
  • Comes in a handy carry bag so you can bring it anywhere you go
  • Inflates in seconds, no pump needed
  • Easily taken down in seconds and placed back into the carry bag so you can be on your way again
  • Durable, high quality material that easily holds up to 450 lbs (same fabric used for parachutes/kites)
  • Can safely be used on water, rocks, the beach, concrete, snow, forest grounds and many more surfaces





Your SmoothBag Is Ready To Use In 10 Seconds & Does Not Need Any Pump.

Your SmoothBag Is Ready To Use In 10 Seconds & Does Not Need Any Pump.

How SmoothBag Works
Your SmoothBag Goes Where You Go. It Weighs Less Than A Macbook Air.

Your SmoothBag Goes Where You Go. It Weighs Less Than A Macbook Air.

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What Makes SmoothBag Great

  • Won't Break or Tear, Ever

    SmoothBags are made with the same material professional kites and parachutes are made with. You can use them on almost any surface: concrete, snow, sand, twigs, rocks, etc.

  • Easily Comes With You

    SmoothBags are very portable! You carry them in a handy compact carry bag, set them up in seconds, break them down in seconds and can be on your way again:) How does that compare to your average outdoor chair?

  • Inflates In Seconds, No Pump Needed

    SmoothBag's don't require any pump what so ever for setup. You simply sway each compartment around once or twice, roll up the bag and close it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Your Shipping Policy?

Free + Fast Shipping for the USA & Canada (4-7 Days Delivery) International is a flat rate of 15$

How Do You Inflate The SmoothBag

It only takes 10 seconds and you won't need a pump:) Please click the How It Works section at the top of the page to see how this magic happens

How Do You Deflate your SmoothBag

Simply unlock the buckles, roll it up and easily place it back into its handy carry bag. Nice and easy.

Does the SmoothBag have any weight limits?

The SmoothBag is extremely durable, and has been tested with up to 5 people at the same time. Though, we recommend to not exceed 450 LBS

What is the size and weight of the SmoothBag?

In its carry bag the dimensions are 14 x 8 x 4 Inches, while setup the SmoothBag measures 80 x 40 x 40 Inches

In what type of situations / locations can I use SmoothBag?

Anywhere, our 200.000+ customers use it for camping, festivals, by the pool, the beach, the park. The options are endless.