why smoothbag?

Setup within 30 seconds without using any pump

Simply lay your smoothbag out flat and shake it up a bit so air can flow in easily. Now open 1 of the openings, do 2 big fast scoops of air and close it and repeat for the 2nd opening. Simply roll up the bag until firmly filled with air and snap the buckle closed. You're good to go:)

Comes in a handy carry bag and is made with superior materials

Carry your SmoothBag with you everywhere you go. Our items are made with top-grade 210PT Ripstop Polyester, 0.5MM high-grade inner tubes and extremely strong closure straps made with high-density nylon and premium strength buckles. Your SmoothBag will be your best friend for many a days to come.

Officially partnered with your favourite brands

SmoothBags are officially licensed by Disney, Marvel Comics, Star Wars, the NHL and many more brands are being added soon. We are the exclusive partner for these major brands and are constantly designing awesome new styles. We are proud to offer you our loungers styled with the brands that we all love so much! All Licensed styles will become available for sale on our website very soon! 

How To setup a smoothbag sofa

Watch this fun quick video to see how SmoothBags are setup

Smoothbag is trusted by many of the major retailers that you know, including the ones below


It's a fun way to hang around, play and also get a sense of accomplishment by setting up an awesome lounging sofa from scratch within seconds.

get your kids their favourite new toy

but (secretly) parents love smoothbags just as much

There's no better way to kick back for a bit, wherever you may be. Days spent in the backyard, at the park, the pool, camping, on the lake, at the cottage, you name it, will never be the same:)

get yourself a smoothbag lounger

lounge out with your group like never before

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or kick back in your backyard and escape the buzz of life

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